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Death Stranding Movie in Development From A24 and Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding is coming to the big screen, thanks to a partnership between indie film studio A24 and game developer Kojima Productions. The announcement comes ahead of the Hideo Kojima-helmed studio's 8th anniversary. The film adaptation will focus on the mysteries surrounding the titular apocalyptic event that brought the nightmarish creatures called BT into the living world, blurring the lines between the dead and the living through a portal. Instead of a direct translation of the divisive 2019 video game, the film will serve as a companion piece that further expands the solitary universe. The world of Death Stranding is also set to return in DS2, a sequel announced at last year's The Game Awards.

A24 was born into this world about 10 years ago, their presence is singular within the industry, they are like no other,” Kojima said in a blog post. “The intention is that our audience will not only be fans of the games, but our film will be for anyone who loves cinema. We are creating a Death Stranding universe that has never been seen before, achievable only through the medium of film, it will be born.” Reports of an adaptation surfaced last year, with Hammerstone Studios — best known for Barbarian — attached to produce, though now it's unclear whether the team will be involved in any way. Kojima, on the other hand, will be ‘deeply involved' with the creation of the movie — supervising, art, plotting, and content — but won't be directing it. While not explicitly mentioned, he's already got his hands full with Death Stranding 2 and OD, his horror collaboration with filmmaker Jordan Peele. Neither have announced a release window yet.

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