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Apple is bringing new feature.

iOS 14:You will get a chance to use it without installing the app.

Although all the features of the app will not be able to be used, but for app experience you will be able to use some parts of that app. For this, the QR code has to be scanned.

American tech company Apple is working on its next mobile operating system iOS 14. It will be launched this year. According to a report by 9to5mac, in this version the company will give a feature that can be used without installing any app.

If you scan a QR code or open an app link, it redirects directly to the Safari browser where the details of the app opens. But as a possible feature of iOS 14, the app will open directly via the link.

In this report it has been said that clips have been found in the code of iOS 14 which is actually a new API and under this, an app can be used without installing.

By the way, before iOS 14, this feature is available in Android. The Slices feature present in Android OS works in a similar way. It shows some features of feature apps in Google Assistant and search results and loads a smaller version of the app. However, the report also said that it is not clear whether the company will integrate the new feature coming in iOS 14 to Siri.

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