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Many major changes in WhatsApp so far.

Coronavirus has caused many major changes in WhatsApp so far.

# The whole world including India is fighting a war against Coronavirus and many big decisions are being taken to deal with this epidemic. In which lockdown is a big decision and due to Coronavirus in India, 21 days lockdown is going to end on April 14. In such a situation, fake news is spreading fast on social media, to stop the instant messaging app WhatsApp, including Facebook and Twitter, has made many major changes. Because in today's age WhatsApp is the easiest way to stay connected to each other and at the same time fake news on it is also very viral. Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp has made some major changes in its app. Let's know about the changes made in WhatsApp due to Coronavirus.

# WhatsApp first changed its status feature due to oronavirus. Because the network is being used a lot during the coronavirus and in such a situation the network is facing a lot of trouble. While trying to reduce this problem, WhatsApp has reduced the time period of status. Earlier, 30 seconds were used to place video on the status, while now the time has been reduced to 15 seconds. That is, now users can only put videos of 15 seconds on their WhatsApp status. However, make it clear that this status will remain for 24 hours, there has been no change in it.

Forward message changes on WhatsApp.

# To ban fake news on WhatsApp, the company has fixed the limit of forward message. Now users will be able to forward messages to only one person at a time. Whereas earlier five people could be forwarded a message at a time. Regarding the limit of WhatsApp Forward, the company says that this decision has been taken especially to prevent fake news from going viral. After this, now users will use WhatsApp for chatting and video calling instead of forwarding messages. In addition, the company has also clarified that the information of messages forwarded on WhatsApp is encrypted and WhatsApp is also not aware of it. In such a situation, setting the limit will put a lot of pressure on fake news.

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