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OpenAI’s GPT Store not happening this year, pushed to early 2024 due to boardroom chaos

One of the biggest announcements made at the first-ever developer conference of OpenAI was the launch of the GPT Store, an App Store-like platform but for AI applications. During the OpenAI DevDay 2023, it was announced that the GPT Store will be launched in 2023. However, a lot has happened since DevDay on November 6, especially the boardroom coup that saw the sacking of CEO Sam Altman, his 5-day exile, and eventual return as the CEO.

The GPT Store where users can share their custom versions of ChatGPT with a wider user base and even monetise the same was to be launched in November. It is to be noted that this was the highlight of DevDay. Now in a memo to the staff, OpenAI has said that it is planning to launch the GPT Store early next year. The memo reported by also acknowledged the unexpected events that took place in the second half of November.

“We are now planning to launch the GPT Store early next year. While we had expected to release it this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy!” read the memo. The company reportedly told its developers that in the meantime it will be bringing some great updates to ChatGPT soon.

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