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WhatsApp Introduces Pinned Messages for Individual and Group Chats

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that lets users pin messages in chats to easily locate important conversations. With this feature, users can highlight a specific message in both individual and group chats and pin it to the top of the chat. A message can be pinned in the chat for up to 30 days. All kinds of messages including text, polls, and emojis can be pinned. However, users can pin only one chat at a time.

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp announced the addition of Pinned Messages via a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday (December 13). The feature allows users to highlight a specific message in any ongoing one-on-one and group conversation and pin it to the top of that chat. This would be ideal for pointing to important details like address, date or phone number and offering quick reference to older messages.

Users can pin a chat by long-pressing on a conversation and selecting Pin from the menu. A message can be pinned in the chat for either 24 hours, seven days, or one month, however, seven days is the default duration. All types of content including text messages, files, emojis, pictures, polls or videos can be pinned. In WhatsApp groups, admins can decide whether to give the ability to pin messages to just the admins or participants. As always, users will be able to unpin these messages anytime they want.

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