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WhatsApp Rolls Out Secret Code Feature for Locked Chats on iOS and Android: How it Works

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Secret Code feature for locked chats. The Chat Lock feature announced by the company earlier this year has now been extended and allows you to hide your locked chats behind a secret code. As a result, you can hide your sensitive conversations with other users from view when you're passing your phone to a friend, or if your phone falls into the wrong hands.

Alternatively, you can continue to protect your chats with your phone's PIN or passcode, or by scanning your face or fingerprint. On Thursday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the rollout of the new Secret Code for Chat Lock feature that lets you select a chat and lock it behind a password or a phrase. Chats hidden behind a secret code will not be visible in the main chat list and can only be accessed when the secret code is entered, adding another layer of safety to the messaging platform.

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